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Everyone should play Fallout New Vegas.


Everyone should play Fallout New Vegas.

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory


The Wolf Among Us Episode 1


The butterfly that flutters its wings

and causes a hurricane

on the other side of the world.

oh and it has math scientist from Pacific Rim if youre interested in more of said actors work (i cant remember character nor actors name)

the oxford murders is a good film


"cutie" and "babe" are overrated pet names for your significant other. try "leader of thunderclan" or "the fire that saved the clan" instead



edit: dropping price to 20k for tumblr users, someone please just take this dragon.

so i made a mistake w/breeding yet ended up with an XXY, and i’d like to clear em out of my lair. asking 30,000 (AH) due to the fact that this is the only dragon on FR to have said genes/etc. currently up on auction house, willing to haggle/etc.